Artistic Boudoir – Paul’s Way

In the last couple of years boudoir photography has become quite an item for the modern woman. A lot of it though in my onion is quite sleazy and rather than flatter and make the woman look feminine some don’t do her justice. These are poorly lit and to a trained eye the lighting skill of the photographer is completely lacking. There are a number of things that go into creating an artistic and creative boudoir photo. Great lighting, beautiful and feminine posing, mood and skilful editing. When all these skills come together the photo will sing to you and is just like poetry. It just works. That’s what I aim for and this is what I want to create for my clients. I hope if you look at my work and that of other studios that are creating boudoir photos all have a different look and you will need to choose a style that is appealing to your eye. Here’s one of my recent pieces:


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