Welcome to Paul Johnson’s Boudoir Photography Studio Kent, rebranded as Finesse Boudoir Photography. We are proud to offer Paul’s award winning photography to those wanting something a bit more sensual and perhaps a little naughty surprise for your partner. This photo shoot experience is strictly for over 18s only. The shoot takes place at our Boudoir photography studio Kent. Your session includes makeup and dry hair styling to create the best look so that you come away with some stunning, tasteful and creative sexy photos you will be proud of and give you a lift in confidence about yourself.

This is not a nude shoot and you will need to bring your own lingerie, underwear outfits you wish to wear for the shoot but do feel free to bring along a variety as we want to create as many looks as possible. Also bring things like necklaces and anything you feel might compliment you in your photos. If you would like to discuss anything with your photographer to put your mind at rest so you are relaxed for your shoot please just ask.


See some of our past work below:

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